It's safe to say I photograph anything and everything. Below is a price list for most any occasion... 

+ Scheduled child delivery (1000)

+ Pet photography (200)

+ Prom (80 per person)

+ Senior pictures (300)

+ All age children (350)

+ Sporting event (300)

+ Family photos (350)

+ Anniversary (300) 

+ Headshots (300) 

+ Birthday (300)

+ Reunion (300)

ALL of my prices include editing and an online gallery of the photos for you to download and print as you please. 

There are no specific limits on # of photos, wardrobe changes, or length of sessions so long as they are reasonable. I shoot till I've got it right.

If sessions require excessive travel or expense, additional fees may be incurred (negotiable).

+If child delivery is not scheduled and requires me to be on call there is an additional fee.